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This is from a Lawyer Firm’s site.  They know overloaded trucks can create an opportunity for them because overloaded trucks eventually are involved in an accident because over weighted trucks’ suspensions fail, tires burst and driver looses control.

Best practice is to utilize CSA 2010 to your advantage and the safety of your driver, truck and load and most importantly . . . the people who count on your company to care about their safety as you carry out your business practice.

When Overloaded Trucks and Unsecured Loads Cause Serious Injury Accidents

A perfectly loaded and secured truck is hazardous enough in the event of an accident. If the truck is overloaded or the cargo is not properly secured, the risks of catastrophe multiply. 

Highway authority records, driver log books and company records can also provide evidence of overloading and improper loading.


  1. Drivers and carriers need to know the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)  of the truck being used.  Example:  25,950 lbs.
  2. More importantly the Cargo Capacity should be known so the Driver can determine that his load is within safe operating limits.
  3. When the driver becomes aware of an overloading situation; either by observation of the truck springs, tires, suspension or handling . . . take action . . . call the manager and make arrangements to bring the load into compliance with the safe operating limits of the truck.

Unsecure Loads or Overloaded Trucks – Truck Accident Attorney Blog

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