Trianing – HOS – Two Day Trips – 10 Consecutive Hours Off-Duty

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Make sure your drivers are trained to keep their Hours of Service logs up to-date and understand how to stay in compliance with 10 off duty – not more than 11 hrs driving – not more than 14 hrs on duty..

If the HOS Log is being kept up to-date, the driver will recognize the 10 consecutive hour off-duty problem ahead of time and contact the company for alternate plans to stay in compliance and an alert, safe driver.

Remember: Fatigue is the killer, not the the HOS regulations.

Don’t let this happen to you.10hoursexampleoffduty-thumb.jpg


Cracks in Windshield?

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You are driving along and suddenly you hear a whack.  Later you notice a little fuzzy circle on you windshield.  It won’t rub off, because it is a crack.  Report it to your fleet supervisor before it becomes a long haired crack which could implode upon the driver under various circumstances.  Don’t make make me tell you . . . you can figure it out.  Repairs of a little dime crack is under $100.  Replacing the window can cost up to $400.  Even if the insurance pays . . . you will still be paying in the end. Nothing is free.


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