1. F2 appears to be under-utilized and F3 is taking the larger burden of ware and tare.  Consider intentionally distributing more deliveries to F2.

2. F2 and F3 are being driven at speeds in access of 80 mph.  Consider allowing our dealer to program an upper limit for speed in the low 70’s.

  • Driven at speeds in access of 80 mph would in these vehicles assures little to no control with emergency breaking or steering. *

3. T8 and T9 are idling 3 to 4 times more than the other delivery vehicles.  Consider:

  • costs to driver and company due to increased exposure to theft/robbery. A sitting target in an out of the way place is an easy hit.


  • cost of increased frequency of repairs to truck’s engine and regeneration system (decreasing it’s  designed productive life and increasing the likely hood of increased down time for repairs later and replacement rentals).

If prolonged idling is an essential aspect of delivery services, I recommend distributing them across the fleet, if possible. dlb


Long idle times for our delivery trucks is equivalent to chain  cigar smoking for humans.  dlb