Try printing out this form.  If you use this form, it will collect in an online spreadsheet.  Put your email next to your name in the form and it will be sent to you.   It may be useful. When that angry person is making that call, 9 times out of 10 they are driving near your truck, distracted because they on on their cell phone concentrating on telling you what they just experienced.  Get a grip on safety.  Make a win win out of the call by making the experience, short, guided and polite.  Leave some information in the comment section.  I’m interested in your experiences with angry driver call-ins.


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      Driver Safety Incident Call-In Form


Description of Information Received:

Who, What , Where, When

Map giving proof of incident and driver involved.


Map picture

A PrntScr of your  online map showing the location works pasted (ctrl-V) does well here.

Fault Statement :

This is not a statement of fault.  It is a document to inform you of how people felt about their safety when they are on the road with True World Foods Miami Truck, while you were driving.


We are creating this document to let you be aware of this incident.  If there is any way to improve the safety of your driving we are confident you will do so.

Previous Incidents:

12/19/12 Road rage incident as result of maneuvering (lane changes) in heavy traffic

2/21/13 Reckless lane change accusation

Corrective Action Criteria:

In our effort to be a responsible company, we require our drivers, who receive such call-ins,  to attend a 20 min refresher session for Driver Road Safety.  Arrangements will be made together with your supervisor to set the time and date for this refresher course.


Driver Name                                                         Date


Available for Refresher Safety Course Date and Time, if applicable.


Supervisor                                                           Date