The summer is a time for road construction, even in Florida! Don’t let the rhythm of the open road hypnotize you drivers into carelessly driving through road construction areas. Fines and points are often more sever because of the potential for serious injury and even death for the road crew.

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The Federal Highway Safety Administration (FHWA) recently posted a press release reminding all drivers to show extra care and caution when driving through or near work zones on highways.

The memo was to celebrate National Work Zone Awareness Week, but the message is appropriate at all times of the year:

National Work Zone Awareness Week is held each April at the traditional start of construction season, when the number of workers on roads and highways increases. Though highway workers are often among the victims of such crashes, it’s important for drivers to understand that four out of five victims in work zone crashes are actually drivers and their passengers. In a typical five-day work week, an average of seven motorists and one worker are killed. Generally, crashes occur when drivers speed through a work zone or do not pay attention to the changing road conditions and run into other vehicles…

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