English: A Pit Bull Tire Lock wheel clamp atta...

English: A Pit Bull Tire Lock wheel clamp attached to a Hummer illegally parked at Duke University East Campus in Durham, North Carolina. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our economy will be inspiring more theft. 

Thieves can hide out in an empty cargo body, wait till dark, get out, break into the cab, hot wire and drive through the fence.  Or any truck, unattended in a dark place can be a thieves‘  target.

Truck tire chock/claw locks can help.  The pictures below are used for Non-CDL Trucks. Be sure to push the button down all the way to lock the yellow tire claws.


Costs can range from $40 to $120. Go to Amazon.com and enter ‘wheel boot clamp’ or click here. Insure that your divers are trained how and when to use.

9 sec. demo of how easy it is to use a ‘wheel boot’.


  • Over the week-end
  • Overnight on the road
  • Try taking apart after locking to insure you’ve done it right.


  • Easier to install on front wheel which is turned out 10º or more.
  • Lock cargo and Cab doors.
  • Park in well lighted area
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