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Employers who drug test their applicants and employees depend on the results of these tests to help ensure safer, more productive, drug free workplaces. With this in mind, employers must do everything possible to prevent drug-abusing workers and job applicants from successfully altering test results and thus undermining the benefits of their drug testing program. The information below lays out the arsenal of options that can help employers to thwart the efforts of drug test cheaters.

How Do Cheaters Cheat?

There are three methods of cheating on a urine drug test—dilution, adulteration and substitution. With each method there are countless products, advice lines, websites and other sources of information that offer to help people successfully pass a drug test they should be failing.

In the dilution method the user must consume large amounts of liquid prior to the collection of a urine sample. The liquid is usually water… perhaps with a “cleansing”/”flushing” product mixed in and often followed by the consumption of more water. This is done to dilute the drug concentration in the urine specimen. And while a water-diluted urine specimen does not automatically mean the individual is a drug user or a “cheater”, some employers require the collection of a second specimen before making a hiring decision.

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