The introduction of the fleet safety program establishes a company‘s safety standard which everyone who drives is responsible to apply.  Applicants and current drivers who fall below this standard cannot drive company vehicles. 

It is the responsibility of the company management are also compelled by state DOT  and national laws such as the Department of Transportation’s ( DOT ) Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations ( FMCSR ) to create, set, train and administer their own Fleet Safety Program (policy) program .

The benefits are less accidents, healthier lifestyle, lower insurance rates and more.  Vehicle insurance companies discount 10% +/-  from the premium when there is an active, working company fleet safety plan.  An auditor from the insurance company checks your records during the year to see if you have followed your own plan.  They only ask of paper related to the exercise of your Fleet Safety Plan.

Below is an example of a flyer that could be used to introduce your safety plan to the drivers, supervisors and administrators of your company.  The names of those who must attend; drivers, administrators  and supervisors. At the meeting the employee should sign a similar document with the rectangle on the right empty . . . waiting for their signatures, verifying that they have been introduce to the Fleet Safety Program.

The company manager, owner, president is at the meeting to assure attendees of the commitment of the company to realize the the benefits of having a viable ‘Fleet Safety Program’ for the well being of all concerned.  If they can’t attend or start the meeting then a written letter to be read at the meeting will accomplish the same purpose.


Fleet Safety Start Meeting : Mandatory

Note: Be sure to add date, time, where, and who is expected to attend.

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