Recently a school bus driver called us to say our driver went right past them, without stopping when their STOP SIGN was out.  A child could have been seriously injured.  Make sure you know the rules of the road. The information below is courtesy of Mariposa County, Arizona.

Bus Safety

Whenever a school bus is present we need to be alert and drive with extra caution. Be mindful that with a school bus in the area, there may be children running late for the bus and dart into the roadway from between parked cars or other obstructions to your view. Also be prepared to stop when traveling near a school bus – never try to speed past one to avoid stopping! Below are some examples of when you must stop for a school bus per ARS 28-857.

All directions must stop on meeting or appStop 1roaching from either direction a school bus that has stopped on a highway with no physical or raised barriers regardless of the number of lanes.
Stop 2Vehicles traveling the same direction must stop on approaching a school bus that has stopped on a highway. When there is a physical separation or raised barrier, traffic on the opposite side of the highway of the bus does not stop. A physical or raised barrier includes but is not limited to a grass median, raised concrete median and/or fence.

All directions muStop 3st stop on meeting or approaching from either direction a school bus that has stopped on a highway to board or discharge students.
Superintendent of Schools – Maricopa County

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