This is the enforcer lock.  Go to their website and you will see more reasons why this is my best pick for cargo security.  It may cost more . . .  BUT . . .


Click here for their solution for the roll up door.  It automatically locks when closed.  A key is required to open.   Little is presented to the thief  for breaking into.  It will cost a little more for the special installation they require. They do JIT production which means they will ship 3 to 5 days after you have placed your order.


abloy locks


All ENFORCER® ABLOY® locks are based on the unique operating principle of rotating detainer discs. Inside the

ABLOY® cylinder, a series of disc tumblers rotate and function like the tumblers in a safe. Only the correct key, turned 90 degrees will rotate the discs aligning the side bar gates. After davis-transfer-success-lock-2the discs are aligned to the correct opening combination, the locking bar drops into the aligned slot allowing the lock to open. To withdraw the key it must be turned in the reverse direction until it stops.  This will mechanically scramble the discs.    And as you can see from the picture . . . it is frustrating for the thief.   The will have to have a lot of time on their hand to beat this lock.

                      THE KEY TO SECURITY

abloy locks

Abloy’s funny looking key is no joke when it comes to securing your truck, trailer and cargo. With 360,000,000 different possible combinations, duplication is virtually impossible.

                               ABLOY® Lock Features

abloy locks

And Finally the solution for the side door.



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