1. D.O.T compliance for companies who have long haul (greater than 150 from plant) Non-CDL drivers carrying property.
  2. Driver Responsibilities
  3. Company Responsibilities

Driver Responsibilities:

  1. Keeps his log current and with him.  If DOT officers asks, the driver must be prepared to show an HOS Driver log book which is current up to his last delivery or city area of delivery.
  2. Turns in the ‘ORIGINAL’  log upon arriving at the Company terminal (plant). Note: If the log book is being kept current as described in #1 above, then this is easily accomplished in a few minutes.      and
  3. Keeps the ‘COPY’ of his ‘Driver’s Daily Log with him and available for inspection by a DOT officer is requested to do so.  The driver keeps up to 6 months of his log duplicates.
  4. The driver is responsible to call his supervisor if he discovers, for any reason,  he will become non-compliant with DOT regulations for HOS for long haul (greater than 150 from plan) Non-CDL drivers carrying property.  Also, together with their supervisor, making appropriate changes in schedule to remain compliant (a simple note of main rule follows).

Company Responsibilities:

  1. Verifies driver’s ‘ORIGINAL’ of the ‘Driver’s Daily Log’ is  in compliance with DOT regulations for long haul drivers (greater than 150 from plant) who are Non-CDL drivers  and whose truck carries property.
  2. Archives logs for 6 months
  3. To assign routes which are calculated to allow the driver to remain in compliance with DOT Safety regulations.
  4. To work with the driver, adjusting their schedule to allow the driver to keep compliant with DOT safety regulations due to  un-planned, time consuming events which could cause the driver to . . .
    • Drive more than 11 hrs      and / or
    • Have more than 14 hours combined Duty (not driving) and Driving time                         and / or
    • Have less than 10 Off Duty hours  before beginning the next day’s schedule

 Long-Haul Provision

Drivers of property-carrying CMVs which do not require a Commercial Driver’s License for operation and who operate beyond a 150 air-mile radius of their normal work reporting location:

  • May drive a maximum of 11 hours after 10 consecutive hours off duty.
  • May not drive beyond the 14th hour after coming on duty, following 10 consecutive hours off duty.
  • These operations must continue to comply with the hours-of-service limitations specified in 49 CFR 395.5


  • Company and their drivers can cooperate to insure that the driver will not become overly fatigued through prolong periods of driving and service and thus make the roads a safe place for all users.



Part 395: Hours of Service of Drivers


Hours-of-Service Regulations – Effective October 1, 2005

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