‘Dotfleets’ Purpose:

  • To help the employer who “shall be knowledgeable of and comply with all regulations contained in this subchapter which are applicable to that motor carrier’s operation”.(~390.3(e)(1))
  • To help the driver who “shall be instructed regarding, and shall comply with all applicable regulations contained in this subchapter”. (~395.3(e) (2)
  • This site designed to help . . .
  1. A Company/Employer  who uses a Full Service Truck Leasing Services ( Ryder, Penske, National Lease )
  2. A Company which distributes cargo to retail companies in the United States, ( ‘Private Motor Carrier’ )
  3. A Company which distributes Non-Hazardous material
  4. A Company which uses trucks >10K gvwr and < 26k gvwr
  5. Non-CDL Drivers
  6. Drivers who are 21 yrs old or older
  7. A companys which picks up  interstate cargo at airport(s) or sea port(s). 
  8. Trucks driven with a DOT number  posted on both sides of the lower front quadrant of the driver and passenger cab doors. (If not you can register on line, get your number ).
  9. Drivers who travel 150 air miles  beyond the company plant complete   Hours of Service Records ( HOS ) regulations 
  10. Companies who manage, take corrective action,  and keep driver HOS Daily Logs on file for Six (6) months
  11. Companies guiding their drivers to keep 10 hours off duty before a maximum of 14 hours combined and not more than 11 hour driving.
  12. Drivers preforming  Pre (load) Trip Inspections , signs and notates their observations, reporting , when unsafe, on an form(s)  which the company saves at least 6 months.
  13. Companies using full service truck lease providers  who have proof on file that their mechanics are certified.
  14. Companies using full service truck lease providers  who have proof on file of successful completion of annual inspection for each truck.
  15. Companies who have ‘certificate of insurance’  COC  proof of coverage for their truck and truck drivers.
  16. Companys can find most forms they need in English and Spanish  and by participating at FLEETALK or receive consultation by emailing your request for consultation [click here]

Note: you will find posts on this blog which address these issues.